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for under-the-car installation • (EN 81-20)

Relevant European Norm:
EN 81-20:2014

DSC 2162bb


… g) An audible signal at the car and a flashing
light under the car shall be activated during movement. The sound level of the audible warning shall be minimum 55 dB(A) below the car at 1 m distance.

LED flashing light lamp with integrated pulse sounder.

Technical data
Service life: >50.000 operating hours
Power supply voltage: 24V AC/DC
Current consumption: 60 mA
Flash frequency: approx. 1.4 Hz
(84 flashes per minute) according to EN 60073
Sound Frequency: 2900 Hz
Sounder output level at 1 meter: 70 ± 3 dB(A)
Level of protection: IP54
Operating temperature: - 10°C / + 65°C
Weight: 80 g

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