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Strike Plate TEC 41RM

The pit access monitoring system, consisting of our patented strike plate with unlocking triangle and manual reset safety switch TEC41-RM connected to its special contact bridge (see Picture 1), is only used as intended:
• as an electro-mechanical safety system for lifting platforms (home lifts).
• in combination with a certified safety door lock and a separate door contact.

 See the certificateTEC41RM


During normal operation our strike plate works exactly the same as an ordinary latch strike. When the landing door is unlocked by means of a triangular release key, its inbuilt NC safety switch gets forcibly opened (positive opening) and therefore the special bridge connected to the safety switch remains “opened”, too, i.e. deactivated as long as the safety switch is not brought back to its closed position by means of its manual reset.
This implies that the platform cannot operate even if the door gets closed and locked (accidentally or voluntarily).
The safety switch (which is solidly fixed to the strike plate with metal rivets) can be reset only through the hole which is located in the panel edge, using a standard screw driver.

Go to the complete Instruction Manual.

safety switch  reset

TEC41RM with special bridge

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