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T.E. S.r.l. of Milan is specialized in safety components and signalisation systems for lifts and industrial machinery.
This company was founded in 1958 as EL.CO. Elettro-Controlli, operating in the electronic and electro technical sector. Later, more precisely in 1979, it became Texelco snc. In 1988 it was named T.E. and it became a S.r.l. (ltd) company.
T.E. S.r.l. has been representing and distributing in particular Kronenberg, Micelect and  Wallraff prestigious brands respectively since 1985, 2004 and 2010.

Kronenberg GmbH, was founded in 1932 by the brothers Hans and Josef Kronenberg. Today Kronenberg counts among the leading lift - component manufacturers. Kronenberg’s reputation for quality and reliability is known worldwide. Amongst the main products  are the now legendary door locks, door contacts, safety switches, landing stations and operating panels, as well as water and explosion proof special components.

Micelect S.L., produces load weighing devices purposely developed for the lift industry offering excellent  design, precision, reliability and quality at very competitive prices. Thanks to the experience accumulated with time whilst always valuing customer feedback, Micelect has steadily improved its products and introduced interesting new features while assuring the best possible flexibility and delivery times and  low manufacturing costs.


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